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A buyer’s attention, however brief, is what successful brands hope for. But many brands exist without vision, direction or—even worse—intention. If you’d like to attract the right kinds of buyers, it’s time to reveal your truth, your passion, and how you’re unique. That’s how you inspire others to take a second look.

The Storybuilders Program

This program will help you lift the “brand fog” that is clouding your vision and get down to the core of what inspires you. In one-on-one setting, you will discover your core purpose, a unique theme, and a personal narrative that will become your North Star for how you organize your communications. Includes four 2-hour brand consultations, and a final brand story readout that includes all decisions made during the program. 

Outcomes of our engagement:

  • Clarity on your "why" (purpose over product or process)

  • Target Practice: Understanding of target buyers and their personas

  • Prioritization of best opportunities

  • Clarity on baseline story structure

  • Exploration of Hero, Villain, and Passion

  • 150-word general personal brand narrative

  • A "sticky" theme line to keep brand focused and centered

  • Develop and rehearse real-world spoken "elevator" introductions