Bezos: He's rich, but what's he really like? / by Greg Monaco


Cha-ching boss Jeff Bezos has been hailed the richest man in history. As in ever. Richer than even those old-timey oil guys that have streets named after them. Bill Gates was the richest man before Jeff was crowned, but Bill decided to give chunks of his money away to charity. That's what you get for being so benevolent, Bill! 

Jeff built Amazon from an idea. You have to be a fairly spectacular person with the ability to visualize, understand people, and lead them to create something that amazing. When I say "amazing," I mean Amazon Prime amazing!

But I know nothing about Jeff beyond his considerable dough. So, I did a quick search to hear what it's like to work with him. I'm curious to know what the man is like on the day-to-day, in the heat of business.

One post from a Software Developer named Steve Yegge who worked at Amazon caught my eye. “People like Jeff are better regarded as hyper-intelligent aliens with a tangential interest in human affairs.” He has an interesting experience with Bezos that's worth reading here. 

Here are a few other quotes about the man:

"He listened very closely and then asked one or two questions... however, these were inevitably the one or two most pertinent questions that anyone could ask."

"Jeff Bezos cared enough about an hourly associate and his family to spend time discussing [the associate's] situation."

"I gave a one-hour verbal presentation to about 10 people, of whom Bezos was sitting closest and asked by far the most questions (by a ratio of about 5:1). His questions were sharp, comprehensive, and funny."

"He's a creative person.  He likes creative answers."

"What amazes me about Jeff is his focus and ability to break problems down, no matter how complex they are."

These are just snippets about Jeff from people who worked with him and interacted with him on a daily basis. The gist: He's sharp, yet affable. He demands excellence from all, but trusts his leadership. He cares deeply about his employees, every one of them. He has gifted intelligence, and he uses that gift to the fullest.

The $$$ is a result of Jeff's ability to bring all of it together.