Glad my car tires perform better than the car tire taglines I found. / by Greg Monaco

I drove my family up to Vermont over the holiday break for some skiing. The ride up was a true white-knuckler. Heading west on I-89 had me channelling lessons learned from Ice Road Truckers bingeing. A sugary dusting of snow on the road was perfect for sledding but not for driving. I saw three drivers who lost control and spun to a stop in snow banks—stuck, waiting for a tow truck, in negative temps.

I was hoping (and praying) my tires would stick. Thankfully they did.

But it got me thinking about tires, their vital importance in safety, and how advertisers play this up. A quick search brought me to a list of tire slogans that are, for the most part, horrific. Bridgestone’s treadless “Passon for excellence” doesn’t say anything. Hankook’s tasteless “Make love to the road.” says way too much.

Have a look for yourself.

One line that stands out is Michelin’s “Because so much is riding on your tires.” This line rings true, especially since my harrowing ride to Vermont. Lives are riding on my tires, so why would I settle for anything less? Michelin's line does a nice job of adding a critical perspective, and making it stick.