One of my first days playing college soccer, an assistant coach was getting frustrated with my play. Exasperated, he yelled any tiny and insignificant country in Europe he could think of. He couldn't remember my last name. Maybe you will?

I believe that every great brand starts with a great story. Without a clear story—that leadership stands by and believes in—companies are rudderless. They are vulnerable to shifting trends, waves of gossip, internal jockeying, the press, even tough tweets. My goal is to create magnetic brands that attract customers and talent.

Why Monaco? 

  • For a clearly articulated narrative
  • For a shot of adrenaline
  • For a unique POV in your category
  • For deeper, more meaningful connections with employees and customers
  • For immediate, positive impressions
  • For clarity and focus
  • For a cohesive system of communication
Here I am talking about branding, what else?

Here I am talking about branding, what else?



  • Brand and Campaign Strategy
  • Alignment and Storytelling Workshops
  • Brand Story Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Logos/Taglines
  • Naming
  • Websites
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Video/Animation